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HMW #122: What Is a Season 1 Real Estate Investor?

alan corey how to start new investor real estate 101 scaling Oct 04, 2023

Read Time: 4 minutes

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There is a spectrum of real estate options, products, loans, and strategies. The same goes for real estate investors. But where do you fit in?

Knowing were you are in your real estate career, even if you currently have no career, is super important to set you up for success.

So let's find out if you should be consuming Season 1 investor content to get your real estate investing career off to a great start!


Well, I suppose you are correct. There is a reason businesses are set up to make money. You must be set up to make money too.

However, many people don't treat real estate investing as a business.

They treat real estate as a weekend hobby.

Or come up with reasons like this as to why they can not be successful at real estate:

  • I don't know where to start
  • Homes are too expensive in my area
  • I'm not interested in being a real estate mogul and making it my career

Ok, great. I'm glad to communicate through your pets if that is your preference, but I am talking about your career here, so maybe take it a little more serious?

The good news is that here at House Money Media we have thought this through for you. We consider Season 1 investors as those that are looking to buy their first 4 properties. 

And why is 4 the magic number? Because the real estate content you need to consume and understand is different than if you are a Pre-Season Investor (getting your finances right to even begin investing) or a Season 2 investor (looking to scale from 4 units to 100+ units.) Depending on your season, you'll have a different focus and different concerns and it will just get overwhelming if you are trying to consume three different firehoses of content.

Here is how you know if you are a season 1 investor:

Clue 1: You have no clue what to do next to invest in real estate

Are you stuck because you don't know if you are ready to buy your first property? Are you stuck because you have two properties and don't know how to get the third? Are you feeling you got lucky with your first purchase and not sure how to size up your next one ensure the same success?

We all have gone through these stages as investors and know that's holding a lot of newer investors back. We aim to change that here and really want to zero in on first-generation real estate investors lacking that network of mentors and resources that we wish we had when we were first starting out.

If you feel like you've hit a brick a wall, then you are most likely still in Season 1.


Yes, you get it! Perfect. Ok, let me clue you in on a few other things to understand the world of a Season 1 investor.

Clue 2: You have no clue on what questions to even ask

Unsure what to ask or maybe even who to ask? Yes, we have been there. We discuss these situations often on our House Money podcasts, social media, and within our courses.

If you have questions around sourcing contractors, handling property managers, financing a new property, evaluating a deal, and so on, then you are a Season 1 investor. There are different things a new short-term rental or long-term rental owner needs to know now, rather than learn that a mistake was made 6 months ago and now you have a property that loses you money each month. We want to prevent that!

Your success is our success and we want to tell you what to look out for and when so that you are excited to go out and buy that next property because you are a confident, motivated, and well-educated investor in prime mid-season form!

We have all been there. Glad you are still paying attention. One more to go to determine your real estate season.

Clue 3: You really want to change your life financially

The 3 founders of House Money Media (Alan Corey, Tom Brickman, Lauren Keen Aumond) all started our real estate careers because of a hatred for the corporate world, a yearning for time freedom and wanting something more out of life, or just a good ol' wanting to be richer than we were.

You are on this page, so I imagine that one of these things may be your driving factor too. If you are disappointed in your current main gig or even your side hustles, your stock returns, your crypto balances, or just feel like you want a change and real estate is your path to that change, we are here for you. We speak that language. And that is the language of a Season 1 investor looking to be a first-generation real estate investor.

Yes, if done correctly you'll have more money, options, and upgrade your life. Does that sound good to you?


I can only say that little help from us it won't be this painful.


  • Season 1 Investors are those buying their first, second, third, or fourth properties.
  • House Money Media has a strong focus on Season 1 investor content
  • Don't get overwhelmed or sidetracked learning unrelated info at this time.
  • Communicating through animal gifs works well in a pinch 

Are you a newer investor looking for some guidance?

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