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HMW #150: The BROKE Method to Buying Real Estate with No Money

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Read Time: 9 minutes

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There are many, many ways to buy real estate with no money. None of them are particularly easy, but they are all simple. I (Alan) have bought over $30 million in real estate using my BROKE Method of Investing, which can also work for you.

Whether you have money or not, the basic concept of achieving wild access in real estate investing is delayed gratification. You leverage a property (usually backed by a mortgage) to provide a huge windfall in the future.

That same skillset and some patience is what works for buying real estate with no money. It takes a lot of upfront human capital that will pay you financial capital down the road.

Now, please understand that if these steps were easy then everyone would do it.  However, for those who have an abundance of grit, determination, hustle, and optimism, this is as good as cash in many transactions.

So I must ask before we get started, are you willing to get your hands dirty today to get paid handsomely tomorrow? 


I guess I'll take that as a yes? And I think I understand why you are broke. Nevertheless, I'll carry on.

The BROKE Method deep-dive and how-to is found in our course work aviable to all members of House Money Media, but for now I'll give you the high level aspects necessary.

The 5 pillars necessary to do any deal completely with other people's money:


Now, let's see if you have what it takes.


You have to be a BIG DEAL FINDER to attract investors to your project:

  • Find a super-sized deal that provides better than average returns. It's easier to pitch a deal to new partners when you have a great deal under contract and get them to pick up the phone on your next deal.
  • Do you have something that only you know about it? Whether you found a property off-market, by networking, or through a wholesaler, a deal no one knows about has value and is a great currency to build investing relationships around. 

Now by combining the two above, you will create opportunities to reward investors handsome with deals and this is how business relationship get formed. You following me?


No no no! It needs to be a big deal for your partners. They will all be big deals to you because you could let them down. Which leads me to the R in the BROKE Method:



You must have REPUTATIONAL PULL to attract investors to begin with:

  • Have a track record or skill that is of value (deal finding, networking, roofing, etc.)
  • Have proof of being successful in past to build a new real estate track record from. For example, being a former star athlete, past chess champion, winning writing awards all can work. We're talking something that says, "When I set my mind to something, I know how to follow through."
  • Be transparent, open, and honest with your finances and goals for the project. Over communication is preferred. Don't ever hide the bad things. Keeping everyone 100 on what's happening on your deal is how you build trust for the next one.

Ask yourself, "would you invest in you?" to zero in on the above to make sure you understand this skillset.

Bingo! You are catching on.  



If you have no money for real estate investing, you need ONGOING OUTREACH.

  • Constant networking with potential partners (not just money ones) to have a team ready to go.
  • Finding partners today before a deal is found is easier than scrambling once you find a deal.
  • Understand your network's wants, needs, and skillset and be the counterbalance to fill any lacking skills.


Daily is probably overkill. Mix it up with email, text, in person, and on social and check in every 3-4 weeks.



To buy real estate with no money, you also need KNUCKLE UP ABILITY. Are you going to be the fighter? Are you going to be the hustler? Are you going to be the grit, brain, and muscle? I promise the money people in your deal have this expectation of you. 

If you have money, you outsource the grunt work. When you don't have money (this is you), you are the grunt doing the dirty work. And this is okay! If you aren't willing to do this, then the money people can hire someone who can and cut you out of the deal.



This makes any partnership with you come with lower risk. Money people want upside with little downside. If you demonstrate multiple ways a deal is profitable in case of shifting markets, it shows you have thought things through. Having optionality allows you to raise money easier without having to use your own.

Can Plan A make money as a short-term rental? But Plan B of long-term rentals also work? What if Plan C is another way to make money by rehabbing it? This shows you've though of mutliple ways to make moeny and can pivot at a moment's notice if necessary.



Now that's a good sales pitch!


None of the above costs money. Master one or more of the 5 pillars of The BROKE Method and you'll be rewarded time and time again and be included in many real estate deals by adding value, not money. Some deals you will find and need others' help. For other deals, others will find they need you. 


In other words:

  • You often will give up a large portion of equity when you don't bring money, and that's ok.
  • You often have to pay higher interest rates when you don't have money, and that's ok.
  • You will work harder than others when you don't have money, and that is what it takes.
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